A H Blasting

Established in 1983 A.H. Preservation & Blast Cleaning offers a specialist mobile blast cleaning service throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Essex. Since then the business has expanded and we now offer many other services, which go hand in glove with the original concept.

While we are big enough to carry out large contracts we are also flexible enough to take on the smaller jobs.

All employees are fully trained and have a wealth of experience in our field. We will undertake spray foam works anywhere in the country and all other services from the midlands down to the south coast.

To get an idea or the range of work we undertake take a look at some of our clients. For more information or to obtain a quote please call or use our contact form.


  1. On site blast cleaning
  2. High-pressure water cleaning
  3. Chemical cleaning
  4. Application of industrial paint coatings
  5. Spray foam insulation
  6. Woodworm treatments

What is Blast Cleaning?

Blast Cleaning, also called shot blasting, grit blasting or sand blasting is the process of cleaning various materials including wood, stone, brick and metals by propelling an abrasive at the surface using compressed air.